Sunday, May 14, 2006

Snow Shoe Hare

Snow Shoe Hare, and it's in it's summer color phase, it's amazing how fast they can change, for example this is a shot of one just this early spring before the snow melted away: Scroll down to the bottom to see. I just caught him in this photo out in the yard today.

I love the little creatures that inhabit my yard. I'm a very lucky fellow to have such wildlife to photograph and to make my life more interesting.



  1. A few years ago I woke up, couildn't sleep, and was gonna play some cards. It was winter and as always your cam cam up as my home page. When it came up there was a solid white rabbit sitting in the white snow looking up at the stump where the seed was covered with snow. It looked like he was stairing at the camera. I saved that picture and used it for my wallpaper for a long time. Lost it when my hard drive on that antique crashed but I can still see it in my mind. I was not aware that these rabbits changed colors. That is so awsome.

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