Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Lodge

I just put up my lodge or tipi, depends upon what you want to call it. I'm glad to get it up, its a peacefully place to be at anytime. As you can see its painted blue on the top that has round circles which is a lakota pattern that represent the big dipper, and the dancers around the bottom are Zuni rain dancers. They work because today as soon as I go it up, it clouded over and looks like it's going to rain. I don't have the liners in yet and when I do I will take some photo's. They to are painted, and you can see some of what is represented on them in one of my earlier postings about coffee in the morning.


  1. Man, that looks like such a good palce to spend the summer hanging out in.... you gonna abandon the pod and go wireless from the tipi while the weather's nice?

  2. You should of had sunshine dancers painted on it! Your grandbabies, are having a "field day" at school. Petting zoo, games, etc etc. and all outdoors of course, in the RAIN.. If they get the sniffles its your tipi's fault!
    Love ya Daddy, *~*Kelly*~*

  3. Squerly4:45 AM

    Bob, I am absolutely humbled. That is just great!