Monday, November 10, 2008

The Great Alaskan Red Squirrel Cam

What are you looking at

Charles, is always watching my cams and sends me captures of what he sees from North Carolina.  This old squirrel is watching and said, what's he looking at all the time :-)


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Hi, I come to your site because i love nature and find Alaska very interesting.A couple of weeks ago I visited and noticed you were asking for prayers for I think her name was White Humingbird.I did pray.How is she? DonnaW from Rochester,NY

  2. Donna, thanks for your concern. She's still in intensive care and is doing a little better. Nonetheless, thank you for you prayers.

  3. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Thanks for the info. I will keep praying. Thanks for having such an interesting site.
    Donna, Rochester,NY