Friday, November 14, 2008

Native American History

November is  American Indian Heritage Month

The old squirrel was asking me about my Native American Heritage today being this month is to honor those of such Heritage.  My blood quantum is thin, very thin I told him.  My Great Grandmother was the last full blood in my family.  My tribe right now is having a constitutional convention.  As it is, I am a tribal member but can't run for office because I don't live in the nation and haven't enough blood quantum.  I may lose even that with some of the new purposed amendments to our new constitution.  How does that make you feel the old squirrel asked me?  I'm really torn by it I said, part of my personal view point that makes me the person I am is this Heritage.  I do understand what is driving this, the money that is now being made by the casinos in the Nation.   To rid themselves of us x-patriots and those of little blood lines is exactly the desired end to be reached by the Dawes Act.  Further weakening those tribal links and reaching those very goals he and the emerging white nation wanted.  
Dawes himself said it.  We must teach the Indians that GREED is fundamental part of the American Way of Life.  It looks as if we have learned this lesson well.  Those goals may have been reached it looks to me, said the old Squirrel.  

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