Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Politics in the Oil Patch of Alaska

I was just saying, why do the politicians in Juneau think they can or should spend the surplus of 10-12 Billion better than we can. Republicans mostly, old guard conservatives they say but really believe big government can do it better. Give me my share now says this old squirrel, I need it to make it through a tough winter. Don't give me a token payment a little peanut just to ease your conscience or to take my mind off the real nut. Give me my share, cash or check. I know where to spend it better than you do. Now who's the ones really acting like little piggies in Juneau. The excuse given by some is the Permanent Fund Check will be 2K or bigger this year and that should satisfy the greedy little piggie citizens. Look at who the real pigs are...

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  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    You are correct. Once upon a time the Republican Party was the Party of limited Government. Not any Longer. The Parasites are now FIRMLY entrenched in BOTH PARTIES. "We The People" are the MASTERS of this Country, not the parasitic politicians; As Glenn Beck suggests, many Americans now are feeling a need to sharpen the pitchforks. The Juneau Politicians should simply pay the People's Money to The People. Ed of Saugus.