Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1914 Picture World War 1

I have some old photographs that I've came by, years ago. The lady who owned them was very old and when she passed away, someone set them out in the garbage. I saw them as I was walking by and quickly grabbed them up and I've saved them to this day. Here is one of some men in the Military from 1914. Montana or Idaho from what I can gather. These men may have seen action in World War 1. I'm not sure.


  1. Z from Chicago10:47 AM

    That's a great picture and seems to be in great shape. If the writing is legible, you could probably find out more about the soldiers. Some museum would probably like to have them in their collection as I'm sure a lot of these photos have been tossed over the years.


  2. I really like these old photos. Keep posting them if you can.