Thursday, September 27, 2007

Unusal Visitor

I had a unusual visitor to the Cam 2 feeder last night. While sitting here at the desk and computer watching the out the window at the feeder for Flying Squirrels to come in. Look who shows up on the feeder. Now this is an old Ferret cage of three stories, or about 5.5 feet off the ground. That vole has to climb a long ways to get to that peanut butter bowel.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lets talk Squirrels

My little buddy rules the east side of the yard. I sometimes wonder what is going through his little mind when he sees me with the camera. Sometimes he leaves quickly and at other times he poses and keeps a close eye on me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Justice is Knocking

Today, the gavel fell (knock knock knock) on just one of the high and mighty. Guilty as charged. It didn't take long for a jury of his peers to come to a verdict. I hope this is just the beginning. Isn't it ironic. How many more will fall. That's the real question. They thought it was just the way it was suppose to work. They were immune from the laws they made for those they represented. How many more now think that. How many more have dodged the arrow of justice so far. Do they think it won't come back to haunt them or that they just won't be caught. Are they sleeping well tonight. I hope not. I know I will sleep well, just knowing that justice is being served. Will they hear that same gavel fall. knock knock knock

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Daydreams in time

I was very melancholy yesterday. The summer has slipped away, and today is my youngest daughters 31st birthday. My mood has always taken a trip south this time of the year. It reminds me of that old song from the late 50's or early 60's who's author slips my mind, but the verse doesn't. " My heart goes where the wild goose goes" I too, yearn to fly south. I guess like summer, I've worn my welcome out here in the far north. I was just sitting in my office watching out the window in a half daydream state when the urge to walk upon a sandy beach became almost overpowering. In my minds eye I slipped back to the days of my youth, and the beaches of South Padre Island. It is there where I would drive my old chevy down the beach until I was far away from the last people towards the Land Cut. This was as far as one could drive. It is there on those stretches of beach where no one mostly went except a few hardy fisherman that I found some peace of mind. I would build a fire, throw out a fishing line and just sit on the beach with my back towards the setting sun. It was there were I left the troubles of my youth behind and that urge to return to those earlier days was overwhelming. I could hear the gulls and the crash of the waves on the beach and feel that sand beneath my toes. Then the phone rang, and the daydream faded away with the reality of the life I lead now. It only made the melancholy worse.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Winter's Arrival

Winter arrived today, it was 18 degrees here on the old Permafrost Ranch.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Red Squirrel cuties

Here is today's capture. This is the one who comes to the feeder and looks in the window at me, or the door. Saying Papa come give me some pecans. She takes them right from my hands.

Dirty Little River Town 2

I know I'm beating a dead horse with this, but I'm going to flail
away. I submitted a letter to the editor called " A Dirty Little
River Town" (Sept. 12, 2007). I had a response to that letter written by several
members of management at the agency I recently quit from. I left there because of
what I and others perceive to be corruption of or at least mismanagement by
the board of directors relating to personnel matters within the agency.

Now, I won't take offense at the remark that it was me who had the
blackened shriveled rock for a heart or the remarks from the others. My first sentence in my
previous letter was "Overall the people of Alaska are fairly
decent folks" and I'll stand by that statement. It's not all people
of Alaska who are corrupted. It's a small minority of those in power or in
positions of trust who seem to be tainted and those few who follow them or want to be just like them. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. The sad part of this is just as I
stated in the earlier blog: "The big movers and shakers of business in Alaska are
all mostly tainted with corruption, cronyism and dirty dealings."

I have to admit that my original statement wasn't entirely correct. I should have said the big movers and shakers of business and politics in Alaska. My mistake.

I could list them if you wish, but I'll leave that up to the readers
to research that for themselves. Although I will add this to
the mix. The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
(CREW) released its third annual report on the most corrupt members
of Congress. Their web site is

I'll let you look for yourself and you make the decision as to where
Alaska stands in the eyes of the rest of the country. Now before
anyone takes offense to this letter, let me say that Alaskans don't do it
like they do it outside of here. We do it our way. I'm not betting on this dead horse but I think we will come in first when the race is over.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fox Sparrow

I love these little birds, called Fox Sparrows. I only see them in the summer and fall of the year, they seem to go away during the winter time. It was cool this morning when I awoke. 32 degrees, I'm afraid our summer has just faded away.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

For us

I listened to a local politicians interview yesterday. A good man and like most politicians, he is all for Alaska and Alaskans. Just as those who have fallen from power, they are just good old boys trying to help us out and do the right thing. Of course, we should believe him, he has no personal ax to grind and just wants to do right. That's why he ran for office. To do good and what's right for Alaskans. Oh and those he admired and emulated did made mistakes but it was because they are just good old boys who didn't know any better. Small mistakes not intentional and that's how business was done. The intent was good but you have to remember. We did it for you, just as all of the decisions that we make are for. Okay, I'll buy into that. So, I won't judge you on those you have supported in the past or how you voted for and on issues that have failed, because you did it for us. That was your intent and it was to help Alaska and Alaskans.
I just have to remember, he's there for us. Working hard everyday to make sure Alaska and Alaskans get what's coming to them.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

End of Summer

I know for many in the lower 48 you are still locked into the dog days of summer. Well, stay tuned because fall has arrived here in the Great Land.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Red sunrise and Rainbow

I awoke the other mornig and watched the sky turned a really deep I quickly grabbed my camera and headed out the front door. On that side of the house was a rainbow in a red sky. These pictures don't really do it much justice but I thought I would post them anyway.

This Dirty Little River Town

Overall, the people of Alaska are fairly decent folks. None the less, one has to remember we have more than our fair share of crooks, cons, thieves and dirty politicians. If the recent events doesn't remind you of this and makes one shake their head in amazement, then you haven't been paying close attention. From the highest office of the our Government and Governor to the lowest dealings of past Mayor of Fairbanks. The big movers and shakers of business in Alaska are all mostly tainted with corruption, cronyism, and dirty dealings. It filters down to and permeates almost everything. It is a extremely dirty little river town, that was founded by a crook here on the banks of the Chena river. A dead and departed local business man and city founder once told me that, and he said people here will stab you in the back for the gold in your teeth, while smiling and shaking your hand. Being young and foolish, I didn't believe him. It's true though and The Golden Heart of Alaska really is a blackened shriveled rock. It is overwhelming us with the stench of rot, even while standing among the flowers and pristine beauty of our Great Land here in this Dirty Little River Town

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Birds of Alaska

One is a Fox Sparrow and the other is the Hoary Woodpecker.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Snow Shoe Hare

This little hare was up on the stump eating sunflower seeds

Monday, September 03, 2007

Canadian Jays(Camp Robbers)

The jays have been hitting the feeder bowls really hard. I'm going through about a bowl a day of molasses and peanut butter. The greedy little suckers. Not only them, but my Magpie buddy, who I haven't seen all summer has showed up at the feeders this early fall. Winter is coming, the leaves on the trees are changing colors and it's been in the low 30's already. I'm never ready for winter it seems.