Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cold snap

Here it is suppose to be spring, and we are having below normal cold weather. I'm wondering where is all this global warming. I'm just kidding of course but winter isn't wanting to leave our part of the world. It's hanging on by it's icy nails. We have had little snow to insulate the ground that my septic line has frozen, I'm waiting for the steam truck to arrive today, and steam out the line. I've know of some folks who are having similar problems and even some have had their wells freeze. We still have water but can't use the drains...

Living in the far frozen north has it's advantages. When your septic lines are frozen, the advantages are hard to find. Specially at the cost of 110 dollars an hour for a steam truck and operator to come thaw them out.


  1. SarahinSanDiego12:13 PM

    Hang in there with this cold snap. Wow that IS an expensive per hour fix? Phew...
    I agree about the global warming and I agree with everything Al Gore had to say in his wonderful documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". Wish he were running for president again.
    Hopefully you'll get a nice warm spring/summer soon.

  2. Ed B of CA2:10 PM

    The cold can be quite taxing and apparently expensive. I hope your lines are steamed open and clean so that you do not have an unpleasant backup. Thank you for your great squirrel buddies and the northern Native view. I am hoping to come visit up there again in late April early May for the Alaska Bar Convention in Fairbanks. I hope the Winter Weather Wind Chill Warnings clear up by then.