Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cold, cold, cold

Woke up this morning to -20 degrees F. I swear I don't believe we are going to have spring this year. I was just reading in the Daily News Minus "The period from Feb. 12 to March 20 was the coldest on record, according to Aycock. The average temperature was minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit, about 17 degrees colder than normal." It was in an article titled "Underground frost stopping up septic and water lines in Fairbanks" This I do know, mine is still frozen. Let me tell you what a pain that is. Along with the extreme cold temperatures the snow fall this year is way down "Snow usually acts as ground insulation but this winter only a thin blanket of 26 inches had fallen as of Tuesday, the fourth-lowest total on record to date, according to meteorologist Don Aycock at the National Weather Service in Fairbanks. Normally there is more than 5 feet of snow on the ground at this time of year, he said." Global warming where are you is what I'm saying. Someone please notify Al Gore...


  1. SarahinSanDiego4:42 PM

    oh my gosh HANG IN there in alaska!
    also i have to say i TOTALLY LOVED al gore's docu-movie "an inconvenient truth". it was a wonderful documentary about global warming. he did a great OSCAR WINNING JOB ha ha ha...
    so with that i'll say to just hang in there? i'm thinking of you and the awesome gorgeous squirrels and birds there in alaska here in san diego. thank you for the wonderful cam!
    gosh it's even chilly here one day then "santa ana" warm warm the next. is this crazy global warming stuff?

  2. I'm with you, Bob. This weather is very pretty, but driving me nuts. I want to stop plugging in my vehicles! I'm sick of having to dress up to go outside! Arrrggghhhh!