Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Creek History

The American Civil War was disastrous for the Muscogee people. The first three battles of the war in Indian Territory occurred when Confederate forces attacked a large of neutral Muscogee (Creeks) led by Opothle Yahola. For the majority of the Muscogee people, desired neutrality proved impossible. Eventually Muscogee citizens fought on both the Union and Confederate sides. The reconstruction treaty of 1866 required the cession of 3.2 million acres -- approximately half of the Muscogee domain.

Here is a link to our histoy:

Elmer Gilcrease's descendents

This is the family descendents of Elmer Gilcrease, my grandfather. May our tribe increase

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Creek History

A war between the United States and the Confederate States began at 4:30 in the morning of April 12, 1861 and within days United States troops were ordered to abandon all army post in the Indian Territory. This action was a violation of treaty pledges and exposed the Creek Nation to Confederate invasion. By the early fall Confederate soldiers were in fact entering the Creek Nation from both Texas and Arkansas.

The following letter was sent to Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States: You said no white people in the world should molest us and should we be injured by anybody you would come with your soldiers and punish them, but now the wolf has come. Men who are strangers tread our soil. Our children are frightened and mothers cannot sleep for fear. We want you to send us word what to do. My ears are open and my memory good. Opothleyahola Summer 1861

There was no response from Washington D.C. and one cool fall morning Opothleyahola left his home accompanied by half a hundred men. They were the rear guard for the Creek men and women and children already moving north to safety in Kansas. As he had done so many times in the old country, before he lead Mvskoke soldiers into battle on horseback, he paused and offered a prayer to the one above, the Breather of Life. He then galloped north never again to return to his home in Tukvpvtce.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Here is a few photographs of our trip out: First one, inscription on the Tomb of my Great Uncle Tom Gilcrease, the next is of our Tribal Hall, in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. This next shot is of the Distric Court Tribal Judge Mr. Moore, who gave us a top rate tour and showed us many things about the building. Last but not lease, is the amount of fresh mellons found throughout this region. I ate well.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Gulls of Galveston

As a young man, I lived on the beach in Corpus Christi, Texas and the Gulls of Padre Island were a constant subject of fascination for me. The excitement and thrill of feeding them hasn't left me in all these years.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Trip

We are back home now and I've got some pictures that I'll post for all to see. The second picture is of me and my wife in front of the Museum Entrance in Tulsa Oklahoma. The first picture is of the statue on one side of the Museum, the next picture is of me and Debbie in front of the mausoleum where my great grandparents and great uncle are entombed. The next picture is of one of the gardens at the Museum. The next shot is in Okmulgee at the old tribal hall of the end of the Trail of Tears Marker.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Returning Home Today

Greetings from Arlington Texas, we had a great family reunion. I never knew I was related to so many people. Wow, is all I can say. Galveston was a blast. There is so much to write about that I don't know where to start, so I'm going to wait until we return home, where I will have more time. We head back to Alaska today so will be home late tonight. It's been so very warm here, but I've really enjoyed my stay and the family we have met is fantastic.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Greetings to all from Arlington Texas

Hello, from the great state of Texas. We left Fairbanks Monday and it was 51 degrees, arriving in Dallas Texas to above 103, and it's been like this for every day since our arrival. Took a side trip up to Tulsa for a visit to the museum and family. It was something else. Now, this morning we are headed down to Galveston.

The squirrels here in Arlington are shy and run and hide from me.

Will let every one know more upon returning from Galveston.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Great Alaskan Red Squirrel Cam

I have a web page for donations if those who feel they should want to do such a thing:

Down at the bottom is a Pay Pal Button, titled (Donation) it's most likely the safest way to transfer money on the web. For those who have fear of such transactions.

If you do decide to donate, thanks from me and the squirrels. If your still leary of doing such things on the web. Our address is 2988 Victoria Circle
North Pole, Alaska 99705

For snail mailed donations.


Thanks for the kind words and support

I wanted to say thank you to several of my blog readers, Quasar9, and Quilldancer and others who have supported me.

I appreciate your responses. I really appreciate those who have donated to help feed my little squirrels. As some of you are aware that this area in the last couple of years has had a major infestation of Spruce Tree Bud Worms, which has stopped cone production on most if not all of the trees. Two years have gone by now in this area without cones being produced. It's causing mass starvation among the Red Squirrel Populations. I'm getting many more travelers coming long distance through the woods searching for nourishment at my feeders. Being the Red Squirrels are very territorial it's making for serious problems for my resident squirrels in the yard.

Nonetheless, I'll continue to put out sunflower seeds and other food stuffs in multiple locations to keep the conflict at a minimum.

Thanks so much for your support and kind words.

bob g

Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's the reason I'm here: My little squirrel buddies

The Flowers of Summer

Flower boxes all over town, are just blooming with great colors. So, I must get my ducks in a row to get some photographs of them before they fade away into memory.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Flint Hills Refinery Donation to the Midnight Sun Powwow

Here is another shot of Tonya accepting the check from Flint Hills Refinery, its a donation for the Powwow. The lady handing out the check is Jeri Wigdahl, and Tonya Esmailka is accepting. Two beautiful women on a pretty day in North Pole Alaska. I'm a lucky guy getting to take these photographs for a deserving organization. Remember the Powwow is July 21, 22 and 23. So be sure everyone comes if you can. It will be at the Carlson Center, Fairbanks Alaska

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Midnight Sun Sets

I'm having trouble going to sleep tonight, and as I'm laying there in bed, I hear the rumble of thunder. Getting up to check to see if the windows are closed with the rain. I notice the setting sun, it's 12:03 AM... Only in Alaska, does one run out to take pictures of the setting sun at Midnight. One of the many reasons that makes this land so special. I thought I would share these two shots with everyone.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Walking Hawk Drum

Last night I went to drum practice. It was a beautiful evening and the beat of the drum with the singing stirs the blood. It was one of those interior summer evenings and the old Athabascan Chiefs seemed to smile down upon us. Walking Hawk is the Host Drum for the Midnight Sun Intertribal Powwow. I was honored to sit and play. Of course, I just had to take a few pictures.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Little Buddy

I've had a close connection with Squirrels most of my life. I was told a long time ago, that we all have animal spirits that find us, and mine was a squirrel. I've hunted them at times, when I was younger and didn't pay attention to such matters, but over the years I've befriended many and have had a change of heart. This little guy has came to me for handouts for that last couple of years. He's such a cutie, he's got a crook in his tail from a old injury, it most likely was from another squirrel. He's not from my yard but he makes the dangerous journey through other squirrels territories to come and get something to eat from my feeders and to take food from my hand.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th Independence Day

Just wanted to wish everyone a great Independence Day. The squirrels on the Permafrost Ranch wish all a happy holiday.

Monday, July 03, 2006

My Native American Heritage

I'm posting this to give those who don't know me a glimpse into why I'm the way I am and what my beliefs are.

The Red Road

Long road winding began in the stars,
spilled onto the mountain tops,
was carried in the snow to the streams,
to the rivers, to the oceans…
It covers Canada, Alaska, America,
Mexico to Guatemala, and all the world,
and keeps winding around the indigenous.

The Red Road is a circle of people
standing hand in hand,
people in this world, people between
people in the Spirit world.
Star people, animal people, stone people, river people, tree people…
The Sacred Hoop.

To walk the Red Road
is to know sacrifice, suffering.
It is to understand humility.
It is the ability to stand naked before God in all things for your
wrong doings,
for your lack of strength,
for your discompasionate way,
for your arrogance - because to walk
the Red Road, you always know
you can do better. And you know,
when you do good things,
it is through the Creator, and you are grateful. 

To walk the Red Road
is to know you stand on equal ground
with all living things.
It is to know that because you were born human,
it gives you superiority over nothing.
It is to know that every creation carries a Spirit,
and the river knows more than you do,
the mountains know more than you do,
the stone people know more than you do,
the trees know more than you do,
the wind is wiser than you are,
and animal people carry wisdom.
You can learn from every one of them,
because they have something you don't:
They are void of evil thoughts.
They wish vengeance on no one, they seek Justice.

To Walk the Red Road,
You have God given rights,
You have the right to pray,
You have the right to dance,
You have the right to think,
You have the right to protect,
You have the right to know Mother,
you have the right to dream,
You have the right to vision,
You have the right to teach,
You have the right to learn,
You have a right to grieve,
You have a right to happiness,
You have the right to fix the wrongs,
You have the right to truth,
You have a right to the Spirit World. 

To Walk the Red Road

Is to know your Ancestors,
to call to them for assistance…
It is to know that there is good medicine,
and there is bad medicine…
It is to know that Evil exists,
but is cowardly as it is often in disguise.
It is to know there are evil spirits
who are in constant watch
for a way to gain strength for
themselves at the expense of you.

To Walk the Red Road,

You have less fear of being wrong,
because you know that life is a journey,
a continuous circle, a sacred hoop.
Mistakes will be made,
and mistakes can be corrected -
if you will be humble,
for if you cannot be humble,
you will never know
when you have made a mistake.
If you walk the Red Road,
you know that every sorrow
leads to a better understanding,
every horror cannot be explained,
but can offer growth. 

To Walk the Red Road
Is to look for Beauty in all things.... 

To Walk the Red Road
"Is to know you will one day
cross to the Spirit World,
and you will not be afraid"

Traci Blood Poet

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tanana Chief Riverboat

Here is a shot of the wheelhouse of the Tanana Chief Riverboat, it's a sternwheeler that runs up and down the Chena River. The story of how Fairbanks was founded is due to a mistake by a captain of a steamboat thinking this was a shortcut up the Tanana river. It was carrying the goods & supplies for the miners, and when he realized his mistake, they off loaded the goods and the miners started coming out of the hills north of town. They made the trading post right there and Fairbanks was born.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Paddle Wheels

Paddle Wheels of the riverboat Tanana Chief, takes one back into the days of the gold rush, when this was common place on all the rivers of interior Alaska. It's how the town of Fairbanks came to be.

Wedding of the Rivers

I was out shooting a wedding of April & Luke yesterday on the River Boat Tanana Chief. It runs up and down the Chena River to the mouth of the Tanana River. This is a shot of the "wedding of the rivers" It's where the clearer water of the Chena meets the chocolate colored water of the Tanana River. How appropriate for a wedding of man and woman. The next picture is of the couple on the Banks of the Chena in front of the Tanana Chief.