Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nuthatch Bird

The little nuthatch is a regular at the feeder since it's turned cold.


  1. That's a pretty little bird for sure. And a great shot of him.
    Different from our version with white faces and no buff color.

  2. Sandy,

    According to my Stokes Field Guide to birds there is two types of Nuthatchs. The ones we have here are Red-breasted Nuthatch and there is White-breasted Nuthatch. Looking at the distribution map, your most likely seeing the White-breasted ones in your area.

  3. Bobbie2:56 PM

    What a great photo! I live just east of Sandy and we get a couple of red breasted nuthatches in the late fall and winter. Don't really see them the rest of the year. They are beautiful.