Sunday, October 29, 2006

Birds of Alaska

Here is another little visitor to my feeders. The Black Capped Chickadee. They say these little birds have amazing memories of where they stash food because during the extreme cold they must eat to keep their body heat up over night.


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Came to visit from your comment on Quilldancers blog.

    Looking at this picture takes me back to when my Dad fed the birds in Winter in Nova Scotia. All the birds would sit in the trees and wait for him to put the seed and bread crumbs out.

    The Chickadee were so used to my Dad they would sit on his finger. One would even take the seed out of his palm.

    Thanks for sharing the picture

  2. I love the chicadee -- from it's name to its tiny roundness -- I think they are so cute!

  3. We can get pretty close to our Chickadees here in NJ, but where my parents live in Vermont they are so brave they sit right on the railing while my dad feeds them