Friday, December 19, 2014

Life on the Road

    The snowbird, the companion and me.  It's how we started down the road from North Pole, with the old permafrost ranch slowly fading out of view in our rear view mirror.  It was the second time in my life, that I have left Alaska, traveling down that highway but that is all behind us now.   
    All my life it seems, I've been traveling, going somewhere.  It started when my mother married my step father.  We were living with the only family I had really known being I was just a child at my grandparents house in Shawnee.  Our first move was to live in Oklahoma City, and from that moment on, my world was torn upside down in a whirlwind of time, life and traveling.  I remember watching out the back window as the world I knew slipped out of sight. 
    The traveling we're doing now isn't quite at the speed of my passing youth.   It's more laid back, and at a much slower pace except for the passing of time.  One would think that after all this passing of time, it would slow down, sort of like our traveling.  Except, just the opposite is true.  Time hasn't slowed at all, it seems to speed up. Even though we're moving at a much slower pace, time isn't.  
    This year is almost at an end, and time has passed so quickly it's hard to believe.  We haven't traveled far but the time has flown.  Now, those memories are like looking in that rear view mirror, as they too slip away.  So, before this time slips away.   Where ever you are and what ever road your traveling on, the snowbird and I want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

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