Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fox Squirrels of Texas

Fox Squirrels
Feed them and they will come. I've found some new friends down here while at this RV Park we are staying in. I'm in Burleson, Texas at an RV Park called ElkHorn. It's been hotter than all get out, but we are adjusting to life on the road.


  1. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Hey Bob, glad to see you made it! Good Luck and God Bless:) tonya

  2. Just checking in from the Golden Heart city..amazing fall here-picked 2 cups strawberries yesterday-Sept. 20..along with tomatoes, peas, etc. hope things are cooling off a bit for you down thar in Texas-getting any Alaskan comments..seeing as how you're in the 2nd largest state?
    We're on a vigil here concerning Cora's Mom-swine flu & pneumonia-not expected to recover, so sticking close to home-would rather be out on the land, but..hi to Debbie

  3. I live in a suburb of Houston and I just saw one of these with a white belly. Is this a different species, or a mutation, or some recessive trait?

  4. Kate, it could be just another color phaze of the Fox Squirrels, if what your seeing is a Fox. I do believe they may have Grey Squirrels in that area also. It could be a Grey your seeing they have very white bellies. Nonetheless, thanks for writing and watching.