Friday, September 26, 2008

Birds of Alaska

Boreal Chickadee

Sometimes, I watch out my window at the squirrels and birds and feel as if I'm a lucky guy.  I've been thinking of leaving Alaska.  Not that I don't love this place but that the cost of living here is just getting higher and higher.  
Nonetheless, I won't leave because of one thing.  Fear, fear of being homeless if I should sell this place and leave.  I know I'll never get enough to purchase a new place completely if I ever should leave this one.  
So, I'am here until the Creator calls me I guess or my ship sails up the Badger Slough.  I kind of doubt as that will ever happen.  


  1. z from Chicago9:52 AM

    It could be worse, as you said. You have shelter (but you should insulate the window a little), a little bit of land around you, beautiful scenery and all the furry and feathered friends to enjoy.

    Do you grow vegetables? I hear that they get really big in Alaska. One zucchini could last you all year.

    And best of all, you make all the people who come to your webcam and blog a little happier every day.


  2. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Thank you so much for your blog. I love checking in to see what the squirrels (and you!) are up to.

  3. great site this one, i have never seen a squirrel(none in new Zealand) yet to fluke seeing one on your site yet, are they around all winter? or do they hibernate.
    all the best

  4. allan from New Zealand, yes the red squirrels do not hibernate and stay active as do the Northern Flyers. You will see them on the feeders in the coldest of weather. Thanks for commenting on the blog and if you watch the live cams, you will see what I mean this winter.

  5. Thanks Z, if nothing else, I'm glad some folks come to look. My squirrels and birds are the stars.

  6. z from Chicago4:30 PM

    Hey, Allan! I grew up in New Zealand (in Dunedin) and I thought squirrels were pretty neat when I got to Chicago. They're rather like small, short-eared, long-tailed rabbits that climb trees. :-)

    But I do miss New Zealand's birds.