Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spring's Sprung

There is no doubt about it. Spring finally arrived. Last night the temperature didn't fall below freezing. I could hear dripping water off of the roof all night from the melting snow. I'm sure all the squirrels are happy.


  1. Bobbie3:48 PM

    We've switched places. Spring decided to wait to come to us and went to you instead. For the last several days the North Pole has been warmer than New Jersey.....I'm very happy for you and your little buddies. I went to the new site you suggested and love that story. Going to get the book for my little niece and nephew. Thanks

  2. ed b so cal10:41 PM

    Its amazing how fast the melt is setting in. Early last week you folks were still pretty cold and by Thursday the temp kept climbing... Today I thin you folks got close to 50 Degrees Fahrenheit. Wow. When I get up there at the end of the month the snow will be all gone... At least it seems that way from here.

    Beautiful squirrel. they will probably be happier with it not quite so cold.