Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mag Pie Visitor

This Mag Pie has gotten me pretty well trained I guess. When he comes to the feeder, and I don't have any suet out for him to eat or carry off, he looks in the window at me sitting at my desk. Cocks his head as if to say, hey buddy what's up. Then he will fly off to a post where he will sit until I bring out some suet to the feeder. As soon as I'm back inside he's there for his snack. Smart Bird to have me trained so well.


  1. Bobbie4:23 AM

    It is amazing how good animals are at training us humans. I see you're having a small heat wave there at just 3 below!
    Happy New Year! Bobbie

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Happy New Years to you and yours BOB!!!~ heres to another great year of your Alaskan beauties!

    Michelle & Mon Chee

  3. Bob, Happy New Year. Your Magpie is so very handsome.