Thursday, August 10, 2006

Breakfast Clean Up

Well, being this is the Squirrel Chatter Blog, I thought I should put one of the stars up for comment. My little buddy is cleaning up the sticky stuff from his breakfast. Be sure to stop by at the for a visit.


  1. I just love them,
    these close ups shown them to be even more dextrous and human like than the best of any disney cartoon

    If they could talk (utter words) I bet they really really would chatter.
    Hope you are having a lovely evening.

  2. Sticky stuff? Peanut butter? My father-in-law used to take walnut halves, dip them in peanut butter and leave them on a tree brance for a squirrel who lived in his yard. If the daily peanut butter treat wasn't forth coming, the little fellow would show up in the flower box outside the dining room window at dinner time.

  3. They are magical
    I've always had a thing for squirrels, but the photos you've got make them that much more lovable